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Switch - CaptureSight v0.12.0-rc.1


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  • Preliminary support for Legends Arceus v1.0.1 was added
  • All data reading was rewritten in rust, and c++ is now purely for visuals

Please note

Arceus support was added rather hastily, so some things will need to be changed in the future. Here are a few examples in case anyone wants to help:

  • This line should be updated to use the game's true method for determining active spawns. 'Active' in the current logic means 'has data set' rather than 'a Pokemon in the overworld'.
  • CaptureSight only shows a single wild Pokemon, even though a player can battle multiple Pokemon. CaptureSight has the ability to read multiple wild Pokemon with a few tweaks, and a 'wild list view' needs to be added to this directory similar to how the bdsp underground view works.
  • More helpful spawn info should be shown in the spawn view.
  • General spawn reading cleanup (due to time, it was added very hastily).
  • Rename the new pkx once PKHeX is released. (And possibly display different info for it?)

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