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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1515

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@Extrems committed:

  • Fix parsing disc with D&D Apploader V2.00.
  • Check integrity of patched file we're loading.
  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Add checksum for GC Loader 2.0.1.BETA.
  • Add minimal support for booting unlicensed discs.
  • Make proper use of BS2 header.
  • Add BS2 image hashes for future use.
  • Fix memory leak in GUI.
  • Set aram.bin size to actual ARAM size.
  • Add aram_internal.bin.
  • Use ARQ to read ARAM.
  • Check for known BS2 image.
  • Check integrity of game executable with NKit images.
  • Improve error handling.
  • Refactor error message display.
  • Enable writing to aram.bin, aram_internal.bin and sram.bin.
  • Add aram_expansion.bin
  • Minor fixes.
  • Fix patching execD.img after a3b3066.
  • Include appl2.img, appl2D.img and exec.img.
  • Add NKit header checksums to discriminate slight differences.
  • Complete list of files that needs to be reencoded.
  • Remove multi-disc false positives.
  • Update No-Intro database.
  • Filter out system files.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Check for errors during GC Loader fragment setup.
  • Bump GC Loader firmware version to 2.0.1.
8563b0683c897ebb3032f73561ba02db33317977f144d69fc9e5154928c66146  NKit_v1.4.20230719.zip
2f0e85c696392e6037f74afe94345e7b43a2884d1d03f506b919cdbbf60e2701  swiss_r1515.7z
900efc678491310a0d8343802833b7bd6b61abd9028beb10c797f3f7b56d8b1c  swiss_r1515.tar.xz

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