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Game Ports - YARG v0.11.0


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This update requires a full cache refresh.

πŸš€ Download This Update on the YARC Launcher!

Click here to view the launcher downloads!

The YARC Launcher allows to you to easily install YARG updates, and also allows you to install the official YARG setlist!

πŸ“ Portable YARG downloads

β›” Portable YARG downloads are NOT RECOMMENDED! Use the launcher for full features.

πŸ“‹ Changes

Major Changes:

  • The YARC Launcher is here! Click here to view the launcher downloads!
  • The Official YARG Setlist is ALSO HERE! Download it in the launcher!
    • The setlist will be regularly updated by the amazing charting team! Thank you so much to them! Here are the songs so far!
    • bottom bunk - pizza rolls
    • HΓΆwler - The New World Disorder
    • KINGSEEKER - Butterflies
    • Portraits of Tracy - The Afterparty
    • Stone Deep - Runnin' Man
  • Customizable lyric bar (@EliteAsian123 @kaduwaengertner)

Minor Changes:

Full Changelog: v0.10.7...v0.11.0

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