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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1495

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@Extrems committed:

  • Add PMTU configuration for FSP.
  • Make use of in_range in more places.
  • Add warning for unlicensed discs in NKit.iso format.
  • Fix default.dol + opening.bnr in a flattened directory.
  • Use bool where applicable in hypervisor.
  • Import PowerPC assembly macros from Wii64.
  • Fix parsing empty values.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Refactor NKit format check.
  • Unnest common headers.
  • Remove uncompressed DOL from distribution.
  • Add boot file hashes for unlicensed discs.
  • Enable loading legacy BIN files.
  • Prepare OSLoMem from a buffer.
  • Avoid using DVD magic to determine if we're booting a game.
  • Apply forgotten changes for region hack.
  • Partially fix navigation on DVD.
  • Add game entry for hybrid GCM/ISO 9660 disc.
  • Fix fsp_ftell in read mode.
  • Fix error when copying to a memory card.
  • Partially fix copying between memory cards.
  • Add more specific message for files that needs to be reencoded.
  • Update No-Intro database.
  • Move EAR initialization.
ac06d0eec08c163f360bba57c816ab95e2ad10c023e0f6828a900ab2d3876bf7  NKit_v1.4.20230620.zip
990f6e7abb44d6789de0794d31edb867f5c52b874d9016a5ca71f02ed221d2ab  swiss_r1495.7z
0de8c7940906ebb56d80e324214d8b67a0a7d4c89d7bc9302aa10a8bf9d6331e  swiss_r1495.tar.xz

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