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Switch - emuiibo 0.4 - More, more performance


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Virtual amiibo emulation

  • emuiibo was updated to latest libnx and libstratosphere, what might fix possible bugs those had before. (libstratosphere's new IPC API is far more accurate now)

  • Internal heap usage was decreased from 0x75000 to 0x10000. (~7 times less heap!)

  • Several implementation mistakes were corrected, which might have caused issues.

  • Those problems with certain amiibos (mainly BOTW ones) have been fixed, which were caused by a bad handling of amiibo IDs (N sends them in a slightly different way)

  • Now emuiibo has a settings file: settings.json inside emuiibo's directory. The only setting it has for now is whether input combos are enabled, and this defaults to false (disabled by default).

  • If you want to disable input combos, just edit the file and change the field comboEnabled from true to false, or the opposite to re-enable them.

  • Added logging, so that most interactions are logged to a logging file (emuiibo.log) in emuiibo's directory, to help with potential issues.

Custom service (nfp:emu)

  • API changed, some commands' implementation is slightly different now.

  • Version now isn't 3 u32, it's a struct made of 4 u8s (major, minor micro and dev - whether it's a dev build).

emutool (emuGUIibo was renamed to emutool)

  • Small corrections in texts.

Have fun with those amiibos which didn't work before :)

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