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Xbox - LithiumX V0.9

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Fix bugs with local time display being incorrect when in DST.
Bug in jpg_decoder aligned malloc. May have been responsible for the very rare crash I got.
Titles with no meta file or embedded title now revert to folder name Fixes #5
Autolaunch DVD setting now works

New features:
Ability to sort games by Title, Rating, Launch Date and Release Date
Ability to change the theme colour style
Change how many recent titles are shown from within dash
Change the default startup page within dash
Autolaunch DVD, and fahrenheit display configuration within dash
XML parsing lib replaced
lithiumX search paths are now in TOML format which is much for robust and standardised.
EEPROM configuration is a bit smarter and changes depending on if your Xbox is PAL, NTSC and what AV cable is connected.

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