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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1476

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@Extrems committed:

  • Disable buffering for FTP/SMB.
  • Add some missing file closures.
  • Speed up search of second disc when scrolling backwards.
  • Add option to flatten a directory structure.
  • Flatten Nintendont games directory by default.
  • Display relative path when flattened.
  • Fix section alignment error in the Wind Waker Randomizer.
  • Accommodate for malformed disc header in Bikmin 269.
  • Navigate to most recent entry when the recent list is fully on.
  • Fix missing leading slash.
  • Fix navigating to a flattened directory.
  • Refresh file browser after saving settings.
  • Improve current file/directory handling slightly.
  • Squeeze out some extra performance.
  • Disable WiiRD debugger when USB Gecko isn't present.
  • Do the same for the USB Gecko.
  • Read directly to buffer with FSP.
  • Transmit asynchronously when possible.
  • Allow for 2030-byte MTU once again.
  • Install ISR as needed.
84ddaaf729ef7b7d500952d93cafab120446fd4556664dbad6f2b71fe5a2793b  NKit_v1.4.20230522.zip
69dc16ec0df8e9062c5d9af34282715573d8de511810173455156cdd392deec2  swiss_r1476.7z
ff80f0e080e96417f8dfe972caed465c82c44e6e32c497c39f11539a2f27c757  swiss_r1476.tar.xz

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