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Xbox - Cerbios V2.3.0 Beta

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   Release: V2.3.0 Beta                                                    
    Added New Way To Customize Bios Using Cerbios Tool (windows Only ATM)   
    Added Ability To Theme Cerbios Logo Via Cerbios Tool                    
    Added Ability To Scale or Hide Cerbios Logo Entirely Via Cerbios Tool   
    Added Experimental UDMA Mode 6 (Requires Ultra DMA (80-Conductor)       
    IDE/ATA Cable & Startech Adapter.                                       
    Removed Custom IGR Keys From INI. Now Configureable Via Cerbios Tool    
    Added Ability To Use Drive Letters In Paths As Well As \Device Format  
    Added Ability To Set UDMA Modes 2-6 Via Cerbios Tool                    
    Added Ability To Set UDMA Mode Auto Via Cerbios Tool For Startech or    
       Generic Sata to IDE Adapters. Auto Mode Will Detect Supported        
       UDMA Mode Of Drive & Sets that. This Feature Is Experimental, You    
       Can Boot Into UDMA Mode 2 (Safe Mode) by Booting Xbox Using Eject.   
       Please Share Your Results Of Auto Mode In Our Room On Discord.       
    Added Auto Boot Into Safe Mode If Error 9 Or 13 Detected Due To         
    Incompatble UDMA Mode.                                                  
    Updated Cerbios.ini to Support Drive Letter Path Names As well.         
    System Stability Improvements                                           
   We Are Working On Fixing Some Of The Reported 1.6 Video Issues With      
   Composite Video Cables. We Recommend You Use Component Or HDMI Plug      
   And Play Solutions Such As Chimeric HDMI, XBOX2HDMI Or Xedusa.           
    We Are Already Hard At Work Towards Our Next Major Release.   


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