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Xbox - Project Stellar v1.1.0

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Project Stellar - Firmware Update 1.1.0


  • Added fatal kernel errors readout to OLED.
  • Implemented FATX partition number of clusters check.
  • Implemented legacy partition support.
  • Implemented 'Stellar-Enhanced Game Compatibility'.
  • Implemented 'Extended CPU Microcode Support'.
  • Force HalBootSMCVideoMode if no AV pack is present.
  • Force HalBootSMCVideoMode to HDTV if a XboxHDMI/HD+ is installed.
  • Ignore AV pack interrupts.
  • Disable blocking on no AV pack.
  • Prevent entering safe mode on eject button restart.
  • Added missing reboot system on tray eject logic to XBE loader.
  • Changed IGR to power cycle console.
  • Improved DVD eject logic.
  • Fixed EEPROM decryption failure causing system freezing.
  • Stability improvements for StellarOS settings.
  • Fixed 'Check for Updates' freezing.
  • Implemented hard drive overview information.
  • Implemented hard drive formatting tools.
  • Implemented clear cache partitions tool.
  • Implemented graceful exit from StellarOS.
  • Fix exit freezing when VSYNC is enabled.
  • Implemented dashboard settings for audio and video.
  • Disable FTP server in safe mode.
  • Added extended partition support to FTP server.
  • Fixed grammar mistakes in UI.
  • Implemented EEPROM backup tools.
  • Fixed network initialization failure causing StellarOS to exit.
  • Added repeat input functionality to lvgl input driver.
  • Implemented 'Date and Time' and 'Timezone' settings.
  • Update timezone DST for USA 'Energy Policy Act of 2005'
  • Removed DST for Mexico City.
  • Implement QR code for user manual.

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