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Switch - Goldleaf 0.6 - The awakening


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(My god, it's been 4 months!)

  • NSP installs:

    • As Goldleaf's internal filesystem handling has been completely remade, installs have been internally remade. This apparently results in slightly faster installs, at least in my case.

    • Now the user won't be asked to ignore required firmware version or not, as that can be configured on the config.

    • Sleep-mode is disabled now in order to avoid to interrupt installs.

    • Now all the NSPs inside a directory can be installed in a row (see below).

  • USB installs:

    • USB installs have been improved into a new feature: remote PC browser!

    • Now you can directly browse your PC, plus any drives connected to it, as a regular filesystem, same as SD card or console memory.

    • It is also worth to mention that the new USB command system seems to be way, WAY more stable than any previous USB system in Goldleaf!

    • Anyway, always keep in mind that it might freeze or cause bugs with folders with tons of files.

  • File systems:

    • Presenting the new, remade USB system: remote PC browsing!

      • Instead of a simple connection, it's a whole filesystem implementation over USB.

      • Browse your PC (Windows-only with Goldtree) directly from Goldleaf! Any extra drive inserted browsable by the PC will be browsable here.

      • Since USB drives' support (fsp-usb service in Atmosphere) is still being worked on, you can use this system with drives inserted in your PC in order to browse or install files from there.

    • Two simple, QoL features have been added to filesystems (to directories in this case): the option to install all NSPs within the directory, and the option to set the archive bit on it.

  • UI

    • For now on, Goldleaf main color will continue to be golden, but the "secondary" color along with gold is going to be blue.

    • Therefore, both the icon and the main themes have been changed.

  • Goldleaf auto-updating:

    • Now Goldleaf supports updating itself, since https was supported on dkP. (this means direct access to GitHub for version checking and asset downloading)

    • Nevertheless, now Goldleaf's NSP is a forwarder, what means that just by updating the NRO you will target Goldleaf from HOME menu as always.

    • You can even upgrade the installed version if you want to!

    • As you may suppose, this requires internet connection :)

  • Amiibo dumping support

    • A new option has been added to the main menu, which adds support to dump real amiibos to be used with emuiibo.

    • Obviously, emuiibo 0.3 format is used. Please ensure you're also using the latest emuiibo version!

I know, it's been a while! Go grab it while it's hot!

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