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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1458

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@Extrems committed:

  • Adjust for libogc2 changes.
  • Add wildcard matching for autoload entry.
  • Use wildcard for DVD game entry.
  • Adjust for devkitPPC release 42.
  • Fix CI build.
  • Add checksums for GC Loader updater.
  • Add autoload of GC Loader updater.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Fix linkscript.
  • Remove some duplicate work.
  • Use new executable packer.
  • Use executable packer directly for Action Replay.
  • Enable loading SDLOADER.BIN for debugging.
  • Use new hypervisor killswitch.
  • Enable -fipa-pta for reload stub.
  • Fix writing over existing executable.xz.
  • Fix one problem preventing enablement of -msdata.
  • Update .gitignore.
  • Build cheat engine from source.
62f69f18b6c2bac711c6a0aa0a9ad95b37b0318439c151e75eca743a7887e545  NKit_v1.4.20230430.zip
6cc14d676ffe1a7e6c69442db823a0508593d839be335b7982fdb185c122b8e8  swiss_r1458.7z
23d3750457e317f0438419ae2df7d4de9b48a8ade83db59119644fa7ea4a8600  swiss_r1458.tar.xz

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