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Xbox - Project Stellar v1.0.6 Release


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  • Fixed safe mode incorrectly triggering with certain DVD drives.
  • Display "PC MODE" on the OLED screen when connected via WebUSB.
  • Implemented "XCODE STALL" error code.
  • Added additional XboxHD v2 detection logic.
  • Fixed SectorNumber512 calculation in IdexDiskStartReadWrite().
  • Disable HDMI upscaling while in safe mode.
  • Disable native 720P boot animation rendering while in safe mode.
  • Added "Native 720P Rendering" boot animation option.
  • Fixed clock speed on StellarOS Overview page.
  • Changed 'Auto' fan speed label to 'Stock'.
  • Added unique menu icons for Network Devices and XboxHD+.
  • Improved update checker stability.
  • Implemented SHA1 checksum and verification for firmware update installer.

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