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PS4 - Apollo Save Tool v1.4.0

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in memory of Luna & Leon ❤️

luna leon


  • Network Tools
    • URL downloader tool (download http/https/ftp/ftps links)
    • Simple local Web Server (full access to console drives)
    • Disable Web Browser history
  • Hex Editor for save-data files
  • On-screen Keyboard (for text input)
  • Activate offline accounts with user-defined account IDs (on-screen keyboard)
  • Improved internal Web Server (Online DB support)
  • User-defined Online DB URL (Settings)
  • Improved DLC rebuild (read content details from .pkg file)
  • Explicit firmware check when importing encrypted saves


  • Updated Apollo patch engine v0.4.1
    • Skip search if the pattern was not found
    • Improve code types 9, B, D
    • Add value subtraction support (BSD)

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