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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.14.0_2023-04-15


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  • Added PASSTHROUGH base variants
    • These have a minimal processing on the image coming from the core, and no CRT shader
    • Includes FXAA for antialiasing 3D poligonal graphics
    • Guest's G-Sharp used for scaling the game image down to the size on the screen
    • Added NO-TUBE-FX versions here as well
  • Did a really big refactor of the building of the presets
    • This makes it easier to keep the presets consistent and know what is in each one
    • Removed Negative crop passes, since it's not being used
    • Removed first pass which wasn't needed since we don't use mipmapping for DREZ anymore
    • Moved the Intro after ScaleFX so the Static should no longer get smoothed
  • Added support to fix flipping in more core with glcore
  • Fixed Reflection Disappearing with Raster Bloom Enabled
  • Fixed Reflection on Dual Screen LCD presets where the whole unsplit image was being used for both screens
  • Added Threshold to GSharp so that it doesn't apply to a similar incoming resolution
  • Updated Dual Screen presets to use params files which users could leverage if desired
  • Overscan and Raster Bloom is now available for all shaderschain__30__dedithering__none.slangp
  • Potato CRT Curvature is affecting black line which it shouldn't
  • Removed Afterglow on all Potato Presets (Before some had them some didn't)
  • Remove Sega Luma Fix from the Guest shader used so only the one in Grade is used (since it will be turned on automatically for sega consoles)

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