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Rebase assistance

Sometimes a bunch of code share the same displacement in offset. In Edit Cheat menu I have added two buttons to help with this task of updating offsets. Bear in mind that not all cheats will be displace by the same amount. Try the adjustment then check the content where the new address is pointing at with "Jump to ASM"


Addr is the address offset field of the code under the cursor. Adj is zero when you just lunch Breeze.
Put the cursor on the line with the new address. Activate this button then move the cursor to the line with the old address and activate this button again. Now Adj has the value to help you rebase code that needs to be adjusted by this amount. Now proceed to adjust these code before you exit Breeze ( as Adj will be lost when you exit and you have to relaunch Breeze for a different Adj to be captured )


Use this button to adjust the address offset field of the code under the cursor.

Now "load AOB" will insert gap for you when the lines don't have continuous offset

The AOB that Breeze generate are continuous but some cheats don't have AOB generated to help you rebase, what they might have is the recover to original code. You can search using these recovery code and these may not be continuous in offset. To use the load AOB feature just copy the code you want to use into a new cheat and use load AOB to search for it.

Show offset from where you started in Memory explorer

Some times you want to know this information when you follow a pointer and want to know the offset from that pointer

Put back toggle override config in Help menu

Some games still runs at high priority when you are at home screen. This makes direct launching of Breeze via Profile slow. Atmosphere fix it for hbmenu by elevating the priority for it. This override config makes Breeze the hbmenu. When this is enabled you have to quit Breeze to get to the real hbmenu.

Misc bug fixes for code with off enable


Now works with conditional key

Change conditional key

Now will update the label with the new conditional key

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