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Switch - Breeze-Beta Some QoL improvements with ASM code making

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DiffB returns address that is not found in B, used to be only address that is found and value is different

You can now use DiffB to compare two list of game code to find the game code that is unique to each list. For example file 1 has list of game code that access hero HP, file 2 has list of game code that access enemy HP, using DiffB search on 2 with 1 as B will give you game code that only access enemy HP.

ASM composer now support cheat code with conditional key

Now you don't have to remove conditional key to edit the ASM source code and add back the conditional key after the edit. You can just edit like there were no conditional key and when you are done the conditional key will be there

"Load AOB" now starts the search for you and when you "add to Cheat" from ASM explorer cheat label of the AOB will be the starting string of the cheat label

"Add conditional key" and "Remove conditional key" changes for ASM cheats

"Add conditional key" now automatically put the enable off code as the first line of the cheat for you
"Remove conditional key" now works with cheats with enable off code

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