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Switch - Goldleaf 0.10.1 - Back with fresh changes

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  • Updated with latest libnx, correctly supporting up to 16.0.1 firmwares


  • Fixed a bug where the location of multiple NSP installs would be incorrectly selected

  • Content menu navigation was improved (exiting doesn't suddenly go back to the main menu, etc.)

  • Added support for Traditional Chinese

  • Updated key generation information (for latest system versions)

  • Content menu options are properly set now: gamecard contents have proper options now, and other fixes/improvements in option code

  • Dumping is now referred to as exporting, and exported contents now go inside /export instead of /dump

  • Added menu for Goldleaf's own settings, currently only supporting selecting custom language support and ignoring required firmware versions on content installs

  • Amiibo dumping has been improved, now allowing to dump the amiibo's application area (game savedata) if it exists, and its mii in the legacy 3DS format.

  • Redesigned ticket menu (now all tickets, even used ones, are shown), added support for exporting them

  • Fixed a bug where cancelling URL text input when browsing a web page would attempt to open the web browser anyway

  • Added support for language-specific icons in NSP installs, so that now Goldleaf attempts to find and show the icon corresponding to Goldleaf's language (which is by default the system language)

  • Fixed invalid/nonsense "game played since" values


From now on, Quack and Goldleaf will follow the same version numbering: this will thus be less confusing from now on
Therefore, Quark jumps from 0.5 to 0.10.1 in this release

(No other changes here)

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