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Switch - Breeze-Beta beta73

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Gen2 fork update to v0.09

Support two registers indirect address capture

Make AOB and load AOB in extended cheat menu

Make AOB will create a cheat of the same name with the first eight codes starting with the target of the first line. The result is saved in 'BID'aob.txt. Load this file into cheats and then load AOB on the cheat you want to re-base will load cheat code targets into advance search. Bear in mind that not all eight will match and most likely it won't.

Show title id and bid in cheat menu status line

You see that when you first go to the menu. When you move the cursor or enable a cheat your will see the usual information.

Make off Cheat

If you use my method of adding ASM which keeping the fist line the original code and the second line the branch to code cave this button will take all the original code and make a [Enable off] cheat for you.

ASM composer changes

I will document the changes later, mean while feel free to try out the new buttons

Renaming a cheat via cheat edit menu will also rename the ASM file for the cheat

Reuse code cave start when you use the add ASM button

If there is already an existing ASM cheat the add ASM button will reuse the code cave starting address of the existing cheat. This is good when you are developing a new cheat but if you are editing a ASM cheat in the middle of the list bear in mind that the new cheat may overwrite the next cheat. In this case it is better to use "Assemble all ASM"

Assemble all ASM

This button now looks for cheats that has a [cheat label].txt file and assemble them starting from the top of the list. It will pack them one after the other in code cave space. It will have problem with those that a activation key has been added. You need to remove activation keys before you use the button or such cheat won't be assemble and risk getting corrupted or corrupting other cheats when the code cave section overlaps.

Various bug fixes and UI tweak

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