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WiiU - recovery_menu Version 0.3


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  • Improved visuals, including a better readable font (Thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • Support for setting the coldboot title to debug titles, if running in debug mode (Thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • Added a new "System Information" menu (Thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • Added a new "Debug System Region" menu, allowing you to verify the system region and directly fixing region bricks (Thanks @GerbilSoft)
  • The disc drive is now powered off while in the menu
  • The power led is used for displaying debug patterns before the menu is loaded
  • The "Display DRC Pin" option was replaced with a "Pair Gamepad" option, allowing you to directly pair a gamepad while in the menu
  • The "System Information" menu displays information about the MLC including the manufacturer

For additional information refer to the README.md.

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