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Switch - nxapi v1.1.0

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  • Added guided Discord Rich Presence setup for authenticated users
    • When Discord Rich Presence is not enabled and a user that can access the selected user's presence has been added, a setup button will appear in the main window.
    • When pressed, the Discord Rich Presence window is opened with only authenticated friends listed.
  • The app now always stays open in the background
    • Previously the app would only stay open in the background on macOS
  • Update Discord title configuration
    • Added custom application for Monster Hunter Rise (#5)
  • The app now starts immediately, without waiting for presence monitors to start
  • Added a link to show friend's game in Nintendo eShop
  • Add support for game-specific service deeplinks
    • This is used by Happy Home Network in NookLink (which I don't have, so this hasn't been tested properly).
    • The Nintendo Switch Online app only allows launching game-specific services with the deepLinkingEnabled attribute set (only NookLink currently). nxapi allows launching any game-specific service, e.g. SplatNet 2: com.nintendo.znca://znca/game/5741031244955648.
    • NookLink uses https://dpl.sd.lp1.acbaa.srv.nintendo.net (acbaa = ACNH, dpl = deeplink?) to open these links. dpl.lp1.av5ja.srv.nintendo.net (av5ja = Splatoon 3) exists (but doesn't resolve)... so maybe SplatNet 3 uses deeplinks as well?
  • Add X-AppColorScheme header when loading game-specific services (#3)
  • Fix light button appearance on macOS

Build artifacts: https://gitlab.fancy.org.uk/samuel/nxapi/-/jobs/3624/artifacts/browse
Full changelog: v1.0.0...v1.1.0

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