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Emulation - RetroDECK v0.6.3b


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Release Notes

  • Added support support for multiple file compression via CLI.
  • RetroDECK Configurator:
  • Added support support for multiple file compression in the Configurator.
  • Added safety y/n prompts to the reset functions.
  • Fixed some missing layout changes.
  • Renamed "Reset All" to "Reset RetroDECK".
  • Moved configurator into the RO partition for futher enhancements.
  • Bug fixes and other changes:
  • Fixed a bug in the compression tool with certain filenames with spaces.
  • Fixed a bug where some folders were recursively symlinked.
  • Fixed a bug where some emulator configs were not correctly deployed.
  • Fixed the Configurator BIOS tool looking in the wrong location (Thanks sofauxboho for the report!).
  • Fixed a manifest bug that caused a conflict between Dolphin and Primehack in certain scenarios.
  • Implemented new configurations for Yuzu and Citra thanks to the big config file changes in the latest emulator updates in both emulators.
  • Removed leftover files from Legacy PCSX2.
  • Removed the legacy "Reset Tools" command from Configurator and CLI.

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