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Switch - Breeze-Beta beta70


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New profile short cut

When enabled. Profile launch a customized version of hbmenu that immediately launch the first app. Set Breeze to be the first app to use profile short cut to launch Breeze. This method work 100% instead of needing to press home and retry some of the time. Please toggle this option to use the fix.


ASM composer

Fix a bug where pressing A will crash.
Corrected an error in asm.txt ( a sample file to take some code from )
Added asm0.txt ( a short sample to take code from for shorter hack )
Added "MergeNext" to merge two lines together ( a quick way to reduce some typing )

Screenshot is added when a search is complete

Now a screen shot is always taken when a search reach 100%. Since screen shot is always present now you need to use the "Show Gamescreen" button to see the current game screen as background.

New gen2 fork v0.08

Data format changed. No backward compatibility with previous Breeze release. You must install this version to use gen2 features. Go to settings to install the new gen2 fork.

Added max trigger

This will prevent code that trigger very frequently from making Switch behave like frozen. It will only just freeze until max trigger is reached. Use set max trigger button to set the value

Added erase old results in gen2 menu

You must erase old result if you have any when you start using this version or it will always crash your switch when you access old results

Added thousands separator to search manager display

Now you don't have to count the digits to see which file has more candidates

Support player2 controller

Now you can use player2 controller to control Breeze


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