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Emulation - Duimon-Mega-Bezel v1.1.0.5


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  • The presets will require Retroarch v1.15.0 or later and the latest release of the Mega Bezel.

  • Removed all the "Vertical" presets (Except for the WonderSwan pair.) and replaced them with automagical variable methods in the main presets. You will no longer need a separate folder for your vertical roms. In addition, games that need 270 degree rotation (MsPacman and some Atari Lynx.) also work as expected.

  • Performed some surgery on the Naomi graphic so that the screen size of horizontal and vertical games matched. (The Naomi cabinet has always been too wide and the bezel glass too rectangular.)

  • Added two new guides. Params_01_User_Created_Params.md and Params_02_Community_Derived_Params.md.

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