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Switch - Atmosphère 1.5.1


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1.5.1 is Atmosphère's seventieth official release.

Please be sure to update fusee when upgrading to 1.5.1. fusee-primary no longer exists, and will not work any more.

With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 1.5.0 is bundled with hbl 2.4.3, and hbmenu 3.5.1.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • fatal was updated to reduce memory footprint.
    • Starting in 16.0.0, official fatal has no framebuffer or rendering logic, and instead calls other system service commands to draw the screen.
    • However, these commands aren't usable by atmosphère (too small rendering window, bad color support).
    • To reduce the relative memory footprint differential between atmosphère and official code, the framebuffer (2 MB) is now dynamically allocated when needed.
      • This will try to allocate from multiple pools (preferring System > System_NonSecure > Application).
      • This technically requires that 2 MB be available in at least one of these pools for the fatal screen to render (otherwise, a reboot-to-black-and-white-fatal will occur), but this should be a non-issue in almost all cases.
  • A feature was added to optionally mirror the bluetooth pairing database to the SD card (thanks @ndeadly).
    • This allows device pairings to be automatically kept in-sync across sysmmc/all emummcs.
    • This is opt-in, and can be controlled by setting atmosphere!enable_external_bluetooth_db = u8!0x1.
    • When enabled, the pairing database will be synchronized to /atmosphere/bluetooth_devices.db.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

And the following was changed in 1.5.0:

  • Support was added for 16.0.0
    • mesosphère was updated to reflect the latest official kernel behavior.
    • ncm was updated to reflect the latest official behavior.
    • Many FS apis were updated under the hood to reflect the latest official behavior.
    • Please Note: 16.0.0 made breaking changes to a number of system APIs, including in FS/NCM/Shared Font commands that some homebrew programs may use.
      • These programs may encounter strange errors, and may need to be recompiled with a libnx updated to support 16.0.0's changes to function properly.
      • If you are an impacted developer, please contact SciresM#0524 on discord for assistance.
  • A number of minor issues were fixed and improvements were made, including:
    • An issue was fixed that could cause GPIO outputs to be misconfigured under certain circumstances.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

For information on the featureset supported by 1.5, please see the official release notes.

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