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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.11.0_2023-02-25


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  • Guest Advanced updated to crt-guest-advanced-2023-02-25-release1
    • Improvements to the new Magic Glow feature
      • Turn Magic Glow on and Increase the Glow amount to see the effect
    • New Slot Mask Mitigation option to reduce moire
  • Added/Restored Guest's Raster Bloom as well as Overscan control
  • Updated Comments in presets to use # instead of // as per @hunterk's request
  • Added rotation option for Rotate CRT Tube:
    • -1 = 90 Degrees Clockwise (or 270 Counter Clockwise)
    • 0 = No Rotation
    • 1 = 90 Degrees Counter Clockwise
  • Added groundwork for the wildcard replacement feature so presets will auto rotate and not flip in the future

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