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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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New computer core: Commodore 128

Based on the C64 core, so it has the features of that core, plus:

- C128, C64 and CP/M modes.
- Chipset versions selectable from original C128 flat and newer C128 DCR.
- Support for all localized versions of the C128.
- Optional "pure" C64 mode (disables C128 extensions).
- C1571 read/write/format support in raw GCR or MFM mode.
- External IEC Fast Serial for using a real 1571 or 1581 with an IEC user port adapter that supports the additional signal wire.
- VIC jailbars.
- VDC with 16k or 64k RAM and multiple colour palettes, supports all standard and most non-standard video modes.
- Direct file injection (Load *.PRG) detects C128 or C64 mode.
- (Experimental) support for easy configuration of ROMs and hardware options using MRA files.

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