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Switch - Breeze-Beta beta67


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gen2 fork updated to 0.07a
now allow installation on atm 1.4 and 1.5 ( tested on HOS15 only, those on HOS 16 please let me know if anything broken )

added x30 match feature

Now in gen2 menu when you watch a memory the list of code that access this memory will also have the last four bytes of X30. Some game code does not push X30 onto the stack, instead it is just kept in X30 waiting for ret. Since the last four bytes of code address are invariant across gaming session this information may be useful for code creation.
Now if you watch a code found by watching memory you can choose to only record the register content if the last four bytes of X30 match what was captured earlier. This may be helpful in heavily reused game code.
Last four byte of X30 is also captured on data capture. This may be useful to make distinction between different group of data that the same code access (for example friend and foe).

gen2 data auto save

Now when you detach the data is auto saved. The data is captured in breeze's game directory, the file name is gen2saveDB.dat and will not be auto deleted when you restart a game. Code data will be auto rebased when you reboot the game.

basic asm composer

Very basic features at the moment. Cut, paste, copy, edit, load from file.

new stack driven cut/copy(push) and paste(pop) on memory editor and asm composer

On memory editor the cursor will also move when you copy or paste. This allows you to quickly copy and paste a block of memory


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