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MiSTer FPGA - mt32-pi v0.13.0


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  • Ability to reverse global left and right audio channels (new configuration file option) to work around broken hardware (issue #307).
  • Support for CP2104 (and possibly other members of CP210x family) USB serial devices (issue #305). Thanks to @gritd and @ajhuitsing for reporting/finding a solution!
    • This is currently achieved by applying a temporary patch to Circle to remove a part number check in the CP2102 driver.


  • Update to circle-stdlib v16/Circle Step 45.1.
  • Update ARM toolchains to 11.3.rel1.
  • Update to libmt32emu v2.7.0.
  • Update to FluidSynth v2.3.1.
  • Update to inih r56.
  • Volume up/down buttons in the simple_buttons control scheme now repeat and accelerate when pressed and held (issue #323).
  • Updater: config.txt is now replaced on update, however the avoid_warnings setting is preserved (the only setting that matters to most users).
  • Updater: improved error handling.
  • Installer: less often-selected Wi-Fi countries have been moved to a separate list.


  • Incorrect I²C clock speed with recent Raspberry Pi firmware versions (issue #292). This was caused by core clock frequency scaling by the GPU firmware. Changes to config.txt have been added to ensure the I²C clock is stable by locking the core frequency to 250MHz. The newer Raspberry Pi firmware has been restored.
  • Some USB MIDI controllers which make use of interrupt endpoints would not be usable (e.g. some Novation models).
  • Installer: invalid Wi-Fi countries removed from list according to driver source.
  • Installer: if using a wpa_supplicant.conf copied from a MiSTer system, invalid lines are now removed (e.g. "ctrl_interface") as they will fail under mt32-pi.

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