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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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- Added Michael Simone's Y/C module to template.
- Add control for Y/C output.
- Fixes in HDR (Sam Hardeman).
- Improve single BIN PSX image handling (zakk4223).
- video: default preset and reset option (Martin Donlon).
- Support for disk routines of C128 core (Erik Scheffers).
- Support to use mouse wheel as spinner (Matheus Fraguas).

Note about Y/C output:
1) All cores will need update. They will be updated soon.
2) CVBS output is done through green channel (with Sync-On-Green enable option/switch). There are several ways to get CVBS (composite). a) through vga_mode=cvbs INI option, but voltage level is lower than CRT TV expects, so you may get dark video depending on your TV. b) through vga_mode=svideo and connect green and red outputs together. It will give a better voltage output. c) using external mixer/amplifier board to get a proper output.
CVBS also has dot crawl issue, so to workaround it, yc.txt file should be placed to the same location as MiSTer.ini which includes manually adjusted parameter for each core.
3) S-Video uses green as luma and red as chroma signals.

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