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Switch - DeepSea Release v4.4.0


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A long overdue DeepSea update.

  • Updated Atmopshere to 1.4.1
  • Updated Hekate to 6.0.1
  • Updated AiO Switch Updater to 2.21.3
  • Updated ldn_mitm to 1.14.0
  • Updated MissionControl to 0.8.0
  • Updated Status Monitor to 0.7
  • Updated Sys-Con to 0.6.4
  • Updated TinWoo to 1.0.12
  • Switched old Edizon to Edizon-SE
  • Switched old Edizon overlay to proferabg's updated fork

Edizon-SE by default includes "Breeze", a cheat-engine like tool. However we are currently not including that due to a few issues we have with it. If they get resolved by tomvita, we will put it back in.

We also (quite a while ago actually) created the "Team Neptune Blog" where we want to share things about programing, games, homebrews and other things that we find interesting. If you have something (story, guide, tutorial, ...) to share, feel free to contact us - everyone is invited to publish on this blog.

Remember to cut your tennis balls for easier storage.
That's all for this release! Until the next one!

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