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GameCube - iplboot r7

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This release contains some major improvements thanks to contributors.

Internal changes by @Extrems:

  • Build with latest dkPPC and libogc2
  • Fix Arena1 location
  • Update FatFs to 0.14b
  • Use a better relocation stub
  • Move framebuffer to prevent garbage from filling the screen when chainloading

These changes should improve reliability significantly.

New features by @yo1dog:

  • Add alternate DOL selection by holding a button on the controller
  • Add CLI file support
  • Improve logging
  • New README to better document usage

Qoob SX and standard (non-Extreme) ViperGC are still unsupported in this release.

2022-07-31: Updated iplboot.gcb. The build is identical, but a change in the file header was causing the Qoob flashing utility to incorrectly report the file as corrupt.

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