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GameCube - PicoBoot v0.2

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This is a new release which comes with new iplboot r7 (redolution/iplboot). There are no changes to PicoBoot code itself. Consider it as highly experimental.

Some noteworthy changes from iplboot r7:

  • no more green garbage showing before chain loading DOL file
  • overall reliability improvements (updated FatFs, better relocation stub, fixed Arena1 location)
  • you can assign even more DOL files to different buttons (A, B, X, Y, Z, START)
  • hold D-Down to see debug output from iplboot, makes troubleshooting PicoBoot installation much easier!

Go to https://github.com/redolution/iplboot for user guide and full explanation on how to use these features.

See Updating PicoBoot page for instructions on how to update your PicoBoot.

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