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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.9.0_2023-01-22


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  • Added some more Sinden presets for SCREEN-ONLY and POTATO
  • Added Screen Region to Resolution Debug text
    • Good for getting the screen region pixel coordinates if you need them
  • Adjusted Ambient Lighting Scaling when using the Inherit Zoom scale mode
    • Now when you zoom out it is much less likely to generate a black frame covering the outer parts of the background image
    • The minimum size of the lighting texture will be close to the height of the current viewport
    • This reduces the likelihood that we will see the cutoff
  • ScaleFx: Exposed more of the settings so they can be tweaked
    • Default Settings changed:
      • ScaleFx Threshold: now 0.43 (was 0.5)
      • ScaleFx Filter Corners: now 0 (was 1)
      • These settings result in a slighly clearer picture and less rounding of square corners
  • SMOOTH-ADV ntsc presets: ntsc_scale adjusted so it visually matches the regular ADV ntsc presets

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