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Xbox - FATXplorer v3.0.0.24633 (Beta24)

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v3.0.0.24644 (Beta 24)

Released on: January 10, 2023

  • FATXplorer has upgraded to .NET 7! .NET 7 brings numerous performance improvements. FATXplorer will automatically install this updated runtime for you.
  • Replaced the "SmartMonTools exited with code 2" error message with a message that is more informative.
  • The drop-down device selector menu in the HDD Security Tools now resets when the chosen device fails the status check.
  • Added the ability to create/format Cerbios and Titan files larger than 2 TB (now up to 16 TB).
  • Added support for creating/formatting files on network attached storage drives.
  • When creating/formatting a file, and an existing file is being overwritten, the space the existing file takes up is no longer factored into the free space check.
  • Fixed issue where Cerbios formatting could fail due to an incorrect Extra Data Partition F size.
  • The expiration date has changed to April 10, 2023.
  • Driver updated to v20.0.8410. Various internal changes and improvements were made. Driver updates may require a reboot
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