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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.8.0_2023-01-11


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  • Added Sinden Lightgun procedural border
    • Creates an adjustable white border to allow the lightgun uses figure out where you are pointing on the screen
    • Controllable width and Opacity
    • Optional tube edge correction to keep all screen visible
  • Update to SMOOTH-ADV NTSC Presets
  • @Hyllian's awesome SGENDPT-Mix-Multipass added has replaced MDAPT and CB Dedither
    • Comversion from Old to New:
      • HSM_DEDITHER_MODE = 1 & HSM_DEDITHER_MODE = 3 (Checkerboard de-dither On)
      • become:
      • HSM_DEDITHER_MODE = 4 (Vertical Lines de-dither On)
      • becomes:
      • HSM_DEDITHER_MODE = 4 (Checkerboard and Vertical Lines de-dither On)
      • becomes:
  • Added a Blend Value to PS1 Box Blur
  • Added @guest's G-Sharp-Resampler pass before the SharpSmoother
    • By Default it will be off
    • Default settings are set add sharpening, and no blurring, and the anti-ringing feature really works well
    • This adds extra sharpening but still allows for smoothing of similar colors afterward in SharpSmoother
  • Fixed Independent Bezel Scale
  • Added Reflection Mask Image back in, Neo Geo example in Mega Bezel Examples package
  • Some small updates to the Readme

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