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Game Ports - nzportable 2.0.0-indev+20230104071817


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This is a nightly generated automagically. Nightlies are generated at 3AM EST if changes are made to any component of the project in the past 24 hours. Be sure to check the build date above and compare it to the version displayed on the main menu to verify whether or not you are out of date.
Changes in the following areas have been made since the last nightly:

  • Game Assets
  • Quakespasm (PS VITA/Nintendo Switch Engine)

Installation Instructions:

  • PC: Extract .ZIP archive into a folder of your choice. Linux users may need to mark as executable with chmod
  • PSP: Extract the folder inside the .ZIP archive into PSP/GAME/.
  • Nintendo Switch: Extract the folder inside the .ZIP archive into /switch/ and launch with Homebrew Launcher. Requires extra memory, so make sure to open HBLauncher by holding 'R' over an installed title!
  • PS VITA: Extract the .ZIP archive into ux0: and install nzp.vpk.
  • Nintendo 3DS: Extract the .ZIP archive into /3ds/
    You can also play the WebGL version at https://nzp-team.github.io/latest/game.html

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