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PS4 - PS4-Store STORE Version: 2.4-V-2023-01-01T03:58:57

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Change log:

heres a sneak peak at the change log

  • The Homebrew Store now uses and has been fully ported to the OOSDK instead of using orbisdev
  • Added an icons download thread (icons now download in the background while you use the app)
  • Updated libjbc version from @sleirsgoevy
  • Added a Pause, Resume and Cancel button
  • Added app version info to the download view
  • Removed the Itemz Daemon
  • Store can now show multiple PKG/App (BGFT) install progresses in-app with the same download bar
  • Added Default text if the new text doesn't exist (new PKG isnt installed)
  • Fixed bugs installing PKGs like Game patches etc
  • Corrupted PNGs will now auto delete and try to redownload (1 time only)
  • Improved SQL Functions
  • Replaced all sceHttp* functions with libcurl functions which supports SSL
  • Switched the Store loader/pkg to use https://api.pkg-zone.com/ instead of non-SSL http://
  • Loader no longer jailbreaks instead uses the run as root function from libjbc
  • Fixed memory leak in calculateSize(...)
  • Added URL validation to the CDN setting (app will try to connect first)
  • Added the URL keyboard for URLs instead of the reg keyboard
  • Store Crash logs now save to /mnt/usb0/Store/Store.log if a USB is available
  • Store log renamed from log.txt to store.log
  • Removed Itemzflow (inc strings) and replaced it with a shortcut to download the new IF standalone app (transition)
  • Project is now compiler warning free! (-Wall and -Werror added to the Makefile)
  • Added a feature that gives other apps the ability to launch/display the store with a search query (supports app name and tid) via the Store-API lib
  • new PKG Assets
  • Added categories for locally hosting (base games, patches and dlc)
  • Store-API implemented for app update statuses
  • "Update Now" and "Reinstall latest" text added to reflect Store-API update statuses
  • Store-API app update statuses are now session cached to save time (app re-launch might be required to refresh some of the statuses i.e reinstall the latest)

============ SETTINGS CHANGED ===========
Before: Set as Home menu | After: Refresh Store Database
Before: Store Downloads on USB | After: Auto Install
Before: Disable CF Shader | After: Reset Store Settings
Before: Show Install Progress | After: Legacy Install Progress

NOTE: The Queue will only show all paused downloads or currently downloading apps but not both,
apps that are downloading take priority and will show first once all downloading apps are finished
the Store will show all the paused downloads

The Limit of 4 apps at once still applies even if all apps are paused, its 4 regardless of status (including installing)

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