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Switch - pEMU pEMU 5.2


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  • common: fix audio sync (50hz roms in psnes/pnes and a few games like seiken densetsu 3)
  • common(skins): make menu text outline bigger
  • common(skins): fix fonts vertical positions
  • common: fix font padding and outline position
  • common: update gamelists (move to emulationstation format, lower memory usage)
  • pfbneo: fix some games detected as clones (X-Men - Konami, ...)
  • switch (pnes/psnes): update romlist help texture
  • switch: fix single joycon mode for new c2d input (thanks R-YaTian)
  • vita: add vita support back
  • vita: add romlist help texture
  • vita: set 2x scaling by default
  • vita: remove non working or too slow shaders
  • vita: fix slow directory listing (slow startup)
  • vita(fbneo): disable console games for now (todo: fix excessive fbneo binary size). Note that a lot of large games like ms5 won't work anymore for now...
  • linux: add buttons gfx, enable some joystick buttons (wip)
  • common: general improvements to enhance the user's experience...

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