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Switch - UnrealNX Release 2


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  • fixed crash when saving the game anywhere except Vortex2;
  • perhaps made the game a bit more stable.

Known issues

  • The game can crash on any non-fatal error, such as missing textures for a map, and is probably generally unstable.
  • The performance sucks, mostly because of the dynamic lights. See the README for some potentially performance-increasing options.
  • Multiplayer does not work properly and will most likely just crash, except for Botmatch.

How to install

You're going to need an Unreal or Unreal Gold installation patched with the OldUnreal 227j patch.
Unfortunately oldunreal.com seems to disallow direct linking to files, so click the link at the bottom of that post to get it.

Ensure that the patch is installed correctly: when installing make sure to tick every box, but only tick "Return to Na Pali support" if you have Unreal Gold.
If you don't have a folder called SystemARM in the Unreal folder, you need to reinstall the patch. Simply run the installer again to do that.

To install:

  1. Create a folder called unreal in the switch folder on your SD card.
  2. Copy the contents of your Unreal or UnrealGold folder into /switch/unreal/.
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file from the latest release into /switch/unreal/. Replace everything.

The game will show an error message if it detects that anything is wrong. It will also output error messages to SystemARM/fatal.log and SystemARM/UnrealLinux.log. Please read those and check the relevant parts of your setup.

If the error says Could not patch ... or Could not load *.so, that likely means you have the wrong Unreal version. You need 227j specifically. Check that the SystemARM folder is present, if it isn't, install the 227j patch with everything enabled.

Return to Na Pali may crash on new game with an error about UPakFonts.
To fix that get the original 3 MB UPakFonts.utx file from the Textures folder on your Unreal Gold CD
or unpatched Unreal Gold install and replace the one in /switch/unreal/Textures.

If the game crashes on startup, double check your setup and the closed issues. If you can't find a solution, please post an issue with your last crash report and the aforementioned log files attached.

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