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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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new features:
- black out display for 3 frames on screen transition(optional, default on)
- starting a game with any unsafe option on will now trigger a warning instead of the normal region hint

games affected by fixes:
- Internal Section
- Final Fantasy Tactics
- Primal Rage
- Simple Series Billard
- Alien Resurrection
- Grandia
- Aconcagua

- emulated justifer: implemented offscreen trigger mode for both offscreen shooting and using triangle button
- emulated justifer: implemented irq on/off command so that 2 players with justifiers are now supported
- emulated justifer: adjusted screen mapping to better match what games expect
- CD: don't stack up cd sectors when XA is playing
- CD: queued up IRQs will not be handled instantly anymore after old IRQ is cleared by CPU
- CD: increases pause waiting times to min values of psx spx documentation
- CD: fix bug where pending drive response would fill 3 slots in response fifo
- CD: on read after seek, keep seek status bit active until read status bit is set
- Video: store paused values instead of live values in savestate
- Video: corrected odd/even bit timing for both 240p and 480i content
- SNAC: Select fix, remove initial delay, cleanup, clk gen only done when port is active now
- GPU: add drawing area and offset to softreset
- SPU: repeat ignore also when voice is off
- SPU: always transmit written data so data fifo will get empty
- fixed a bug that could lead to wrong values being cached when using Turbo

accuracy improvements:
- Video: set hblank sample point significantly before end of line(fulfill HW test)
- Video: generate Hblank timer from video out statemachine, but instead of hblank for video/scaler also during vblank
- Timer: reset TMR0 on falling HBlank instead of rising HBlank

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