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Emulation - Duimon-Mega-Bezel v1.0.0.6


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  • Added the GBA SP back in from wherever it went. ;-)
  • Updated the PDP-1 generic Alt preset using methods that weren't available when it was created.
  • Added GameCube and Wii DREZ presets.
  • Updated the Palm preset to scale with the screen.
  • Added PDP-1 Spacewar! night preset.
  • Fixed the ScummVM Decal. (It wasn't visible because it was outside the viewport.)
  • Moved the OSD Intro image to the _Common folder.
  • Updated the Naomi to scale with the screen.
  • Fixed the Dreamcast Alt Decal not scaling properly.
  • Renamed SEGA Pico Bezel preset to have [Bezel] in the name.
  • Added some missing 480p DREZ presets.
  • Fixed the PSP not scaling with the screen.
  • Renamed the MO5 and TO8 folders that had regressed.
  • Fixed the V.Smile Alt buttons not scaling with the Device.
  • Adjusted the AmbientImage1 Y position in the Watara SuperVision Alt that was cutting off the Device.
  • Removed the unintentional Lite DREZ presets. (They were accidently included in my STD to Lite conversion.)
  • Fixed some split wide screen scaling issues with the uzebox presets.
  • Updated the preset README.md files.
  • Probably some more things I forgot.

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