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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.6.4_2022-12-11


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  • Guest Advanced updated to crt-guest-advanced-2022-11-28-release1

  • Presets

    • Reorganized Variation Presets (Base CRT Presets stay the same) including:
      • Megatron
      • Max Int Scale
      • Smoothed presets
    • Presets updated to reference .params files to avoid redundancy
    • These Params files can be used in any of your presets to apply pre-defined effects
    • Updated Smoothed presets, now there is the range of no smoothing to super smoothing
    • Updated Vector Presets made for FBNeo High Res Mode
      • Better mask display which is appropriate for color vector games
  • Fixed Glass Presets and brightness of Megatron in HDR

  • Tube Effects default values have been adjusted

  • Changed Sampling Multiplier now to use 100 by default, and 0 is no longer an option

    • If you have any presets with the sampling multiplier set to 0 you will need to change them
  • Fixed bug where Colored Gel was causing the tube to become transparent

  • Signal Noise Added (Noise in signal before the CRT shader)

    • Works independently of the retroarch viewport resolution
    • Choose between resolution of noise matching the scanline resolution, core resolution or smoothed resolution
  • Fixed Top/Bottom Cropping in NTSC presets which was doing incorrect sampling

  • Resolution Debug

    • Correct scale values are now shown when Viewport Zoom is used
    • Integers with no decimal are now shown when screen is at an integer scale
  • Deconvergence Scale Mode Added

    • There are now a different deconvergence scaling modes
      • SCREEN - Scales relative to screen height - Default
      • OUTPUT - Scales relative to output height
      • ABSOLUTE - Does not scale
        • This means the deconvergence will look bigger if you are running at a lower resolution and vice versa
      • MASK - Will scale by the factor of the mask's current size
  • Fake Scanlines now applied before deconvergence so deconvergence will be applied above and below each scanline

  • Mask Size Auto Threshold Added

    • You can now see and set what the threshold is for the masks to increase size
  • Black Level Control in Grade has better incremental adjustment

    • This is now working well with the Post Brightness Affects Black Level
    • Used in the Vector preset so the vector brightness can be increased without the rest of the screen brightening
  • Note: Good trick for Scanlines on Black without destroying contrast

    • Increase the black level in grade to bring black up to a bit gray and scanlines appearing on the black
    • Reduce Gamma Out near the top of the full setting list to make the gray areas darker but keep scanlines

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