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MiSTer Updates & Changelog • Re: MiSTer updates and changelog


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- Fixed timer output in mode 3, by @kitune-san
- Update project files for XT2IDE, by @kitune-san
- Added XT-IDE conversion, by @kitune-san
- Added cycle-accurate mode at other than 4.77 MHz, by @kitune-san
- Three cycle-accurate CPU speeds and max. speed option
- Update XTCTL to new CPU model speeds
- Sync with @MicroCoreLabs MCL86 code
- New Tandy video modes: 160x200x16 and 640x200x4
- Enhanced Tandy 640x225 text mode display
- Borders centred when these are active from the OSD
- Joystick counter revision for new model CPU speeds
- C/MS Audio support and Sound Blaster FM compatibility
- Change mouse port to COM1
- COM2 mapped to /dev/ttyS1
- Fix some synchronisation issues

- Update README.md

Note: this release requires latest Main update!

Note 2: It is also important to update all ROMs based on the new XTIDE BIOS, and located in the folder "..\SW\ROMs"

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