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Mega Bezel - Mega Bezel V1.6.1_2022-11-21


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  • Megatron
    • HDR versions Added
    • Megatron Updated to V4.3
    • Multiple Categories available
      • ADV
      • STD
  • Fixed GLCore viewport size cache issue
  • Guest Advanced (GDV)
    • Updated to crt-guest-advanced-2022-11-14-release1
    • Interlace mode -1 option added which turns on No Scanlines for both GDV and GDV-NTSC
    • Added Noise Multiplier at 4K (Will double at 8K if not 1)
  • Image Fill Mode parameter changed to be simpler
    • It now has 3 options
      • 1 - SPLIT
      • 2 - STRETCH
  • Scanline Direction Fixed, was giving the wrong direction compared to the parameters
  • Core Sampling Multipliers now go to 0 which is Auto
    • Auto means that the sampling multiplier will match the upscale in the shader chain
    • The scanline direction multiplier is now set to 0 by default
  • Improved Glass so it doesn't get create banding as much
  • SMOOTH-ADV & SUPER-XBR now have Mask size set to 0 so they will scale 2X at 4K
  • SMOOTH-ADV has the Opposite Direction Multiplier set to 1, this avoids artifacts in a number of different places
  • Added [ MEGA BEZEL DEV SHOW PASS] to show the results of passes throughout the shader chain

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