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Emulation - Duimon-Mega-Bezel v1.0.0.1


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  • Changed LED layer follow parameters to "Follow Exactly" on the Apple Macintosh IIx, and Apple Macintosh LC III alt presets.
  • Updated Tiger Game.com so the Device layer scales with the tube.
  • Tweaked HSV parameters on the ColecoVision, and Channel F [Custom-Bezel_002] and [TM20] presets.
  • Added missing BBC Monitor Advanced presets.
  • Enabled B&W monochrome shader parameters in B&W LCD systems to eliminate colored sub pixels.
  • Enabled green monochrome shader parameters in DOSBox 5150 IBM_5151 presets.
  • Tweaked the Game Boy screen parameters and migrated the settings to all the GB-like screens.
  • Tweaked the GB [Custom] screen parameters.
  • Fixed broken GB2Player and GBC2Player presets.
  • Corrected the aspect ratio of the GB2Player and GBC2Player potato presets.
  • Fixed screen black edge in generic PDP-1 presets.
  • Updated the cartridge slot bevel/frame of Saturn Alt graphic.
  • Created desaturated Background and Device and graphics for the Saturn Alt preset. (The bright yellow versions are now named Saturn_Alt2.png and Saturn_Alt_Device2.png.)
  • Created a _Common folder for graphics that are used in many presets, to save space, and updated the affected presets.

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