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Switch - pEMU pFBN 4.0


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  • add screenscraper custom gamelist.xml support (help fixing database errors here)
  • add screenshot support (put png files in "roms/media/mixrbv2")
  • add video snaps support (put mp4 files in "roms/media/video")
  • add lots of game filtering options
  • improve game list scrolling
  • better favorites handling implementation
  • fix audio frequency option not applied
  • use unibios 3.3 instead 3.1 by default for NeoGeo
  • update title image (pFBNEO, thanks to MarbleMad from screenscraper)
  • disable console support, will be back later
  • update fbneo (Dec 3, 2019)
  • switch: fix for firmware 9.x
  • linux: add proper linux (ubuntu x64) support (set roms path in config.cfg)
  • windows: add proper windows (x64) support (set roms path in config.cfg)
  • update build instructions
  • lot of untracked changes....

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