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Switch - Finally v1.0! Thanks for everyone testing!!!!!


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Release version!

Thanks everyone from reddit helping with debuging and testing the pre-releases.


This version stores the app Nro in it's own folder. IE: switch/SkyNX/SkyNX.nro
Because of this the forwarder has been updated. And the app has been updated, and the streamer has been updated.
So if you have the pre-releases, update everything!


I have fixed all the issues I can think of so far.

  • Fixed streamer button not updating properly after settings change.
  • Fixed input not being detected from attached joycons. Oops..


  • Toggle audio
  • Swap A and B AND X and Y


  • Stream PC games with audio to switch at 60fps!
  • Handles up to 4 JoyCon pairs. (4 Players at once!)
  • Optionally disable video to use the JoyCons as remotes on PC!
  • Optionally disable audio.
  • Optionally swap A and B AND X and Y.
  • Handles basic touch input.
  • Handles right click. (Touch with 1 finger, tap with the second)
  • Handles scrolling. (Your standard 2 finger scroll.)


  1. Copy the switch folder in SkyNX.zip, to the root of your sd card.
  2. Install the forwarder with a nsp installer such as Goldleaf.
  3. Extract SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32.zip to somewhere safe.
  4. Set desktop and game resolution to 1280 X 720. (Massively improves latency to match switch resolution.)
  5. Open SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32/SkyNXStreamer.exe
  6. Launch SkyNX on switch.
  7. Put the IP showed on the app into the streamer.
  8. Click start streamer.

If your interested in using SkyNX to turn your Nintendo Switch into a WiiU gamepad using Cemu. Here is a link with my tutorial on how to set it up! Enjoy! Nintendo Switch as a WiiU Gamepad

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