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Switch - SkyNx v1.4

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This release requires updating both the app and the streamer!

If you like this project and want to help improve it, please consider donating to support it's development!


  • Added AMD Encoding, thanks to (ibanezbass)[https://github.com/ibanezbass]
  • Added Intel Encoding, thanks to (ibanezbass)[https://github.com/ibanezbass]
  • Fixed auto overclock on latest CFWs.
  • Paused threads on sleep. Still has sleeping issue though :/
  • Extended sleep time to a ridiculous ammount to try and mitigate sleep issue.
  • Slightly improved TCP stream verification.
  • Fixed donate button.

Known issues

  • App freezes Atmosphere on sleep if not run through HB menu.
  • Audio glitches in docked mode on some systems, not all though...
  • Added latency with Nvidia Encoder

Video Instructions / Review Here. Big shout out to Jonny Troche for this high quality tutorial! Make sure to like and subscribe guys ;D

If your interested in using SkyNX to turn your Nintendo Switch into a WiiU gamepad using Cemu. Here is a link with my tutorial on how to set it up! Nintendo Switch as a WiiU Gamepad


  • Stream PC games with audio to switch at 60fps!
  • Handles up to 8 JoyCon pairs. (8 Players at once!)
  • Motion control support for Cemu.
  • Use Analog sticks and triggers to control mouse
  • Use gyro to control mouse like a Wii remote.
  • Built in Nvidia encoding for low latency.
  • Built in AMD encoding for low latency.
  • Built in Intel encoding for low latency.
  • Automatically sets desktop resolution for max performance. (Optional)
  • Optionally disable video to use the JoyCons as remotes on PC!
  • Optionally disable audio.
  • Optionally swap A and B AND X and Y.
  • Handles basic touch input.
  • Handles right click. (Touch with 1 finger, tap with the second)
  • Handles scrolling. (Your standard 2 finger scroll.)


  1. Copy the switch folder in SkyNX.zip, to the root of your sd card.
  2. Install the forwarder with a nsp installer such as Goldleaf.
  3. Extract SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32.zip to somewhere safe.
  4. Open SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32/SkyNXStreamer.exe
  5. Launch SkyNX on switch.
  6. Put the IP showed on the app into the streamer.
  7. Click start streamer.

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