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Switch - pEMU pFBN 4.1


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  • pemu: vita: add custom romlist_help.png
  • pfbn: skin: fix rom sypnosis height
  • pemu: improve roms discovery time
  • pfbn: vita: add saves states previews
  • pfbn: vita: enable console games
  • pfbn: vita: fix favorites
  • pfbn: update fbneo (03-25-2020, b26b974f3588e7f14a77ea089)
  • pfbn: update bneo and dats (https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/tree/198ecc91182e72966ffac731a69248e4726a195a/dats)
  • pfbn: add unibios 4.0 support (default bios except on vita)
  • vita: hide force audio sync option as it's needed
  • vita: add c68k cyclone asm core back
  • pemu: fix skin text scaling
  • pemu: vita: fix emu texture
  • pemu: vita: cleanup texture
  • pemu: skin: add resolution option to skin config.cfg
  • pemu: romlist: fix gamelist.xml paths
  • pemu: vita: fix vpk build
  • pemu: vita: fix release build
  • pemu: use same button for favorites add/remove
  • pemu: messageBox: fix default text button color
  • pemu: fix console video preview
  • pemu: refactor gl2 renderer for retroarch shader compatibility
  • pemu: add some shaders: bevel, crt_aperture, crt_cgwg_fast, crt_hyllian, dot
  • pemu: fix keys repeat delay
  • pemu: fix some shaders, including crt geom
  • pemu: fix favorites path and medias
  • pfbn: update gamelist.xml
  • pfbn: add consoles platform back
  • pemu: add VIDEO_SNAPS_DELAY menu option
  • pfbn: update arcade gamelist.xml
  • pfbn: bump version to 4.1
  • pemu: skin: minor color changes
  • lot of untracked changes....

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