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Switch - nxdumptool v1.1.10


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UPDATE: If you downloaded the NRO binary before 2020-04-30 10:25 PM (UTC-4), please re-download it again. A quick UI fix was applied to display the "Batch mode" message at the top when no orphan titles are available.

  • Built using libnx v3.1.0.
  • Updated save.c/h to reflect changes made by shchmue in Lockpick_RCM. Fixes crashes under HOS 10.0.0.
  • Fixed a nasty stack corruption issue caused by improper handling of FatFs objects. Fixes ES savefile mounting errors throughout the application (e.g. batch mode, ticket dumping).

This is only a bugfix release. I don't expect to release any new versions until the rewrite is finished - the only exception being fixing some kind of feature-breaking bug. Please understand.

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